Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mannargudi- Thiruvizha..!

Thiruvizhas are one of those things I 've always enjoyed in life... from very small... I feel they take me back to my roots, and sometimes take me back to deeper than my roots... more than the spiritual part of it, I enjoy the ritual and communal parts of it... 

The way people get together, enjoy, put up de show.. and the exciting stories behind every temple and festival and decoration...  Here are very few pics from this year's Thiruvzha at My grandads town, Mannargudi (very similar to the MalGudi, not only in name but also in existence!) Sri Rajagopalaswami Thiruvizha.

view from just outside my grandad's house. People-men,women,children, all alike waiting for the arrival of their God. You can see the fire torches (theevetti) which are carried by men in two rows in front of the God to show him the path and also helping the crowd to get a better view of the god on the high horse..

Another view of the crowd with the 'theevettigal' just behind them. 

Dats Rajagopalaswamy on his horse in all his glory. Man, what a scene! (pardon the dust on my camera lense)

Dats Rajagoplaswamy after he crossed our house the first time. The God goes to and fro several times visiting the houses of the few bigwigs of the town(I dono how god can discriminate, but everyone there seems to be convinced that it is ok for the Gud Lord to visit few houses alone and they speak as though those are revered houses and God ought to visit them...My grandpa's house is one such, I felt it was unfair.<-- I probably will write a post on this)

Dats me, My grandad and Grandmom. She is one innocent woman I feel pity for. She doesnt know a thing outside her house and us. My grandad on the otherhand was a businessman all his life and still as sharp as a blade (if u get the pun!!)

My mom n her dad.. :-) sweet.

Dats me and ma sis. I was forced and coerced to pose like dat. I swear. :-p

hee hee... How do I look? I am supposed wear two 'vastrams' when I offer flowers to God when he visits our house, dats the only reason... d-o-n-t l-a-u-g-h... I know u will... (anyways, I liked it!)


Anonymous said...

Why wont you say???????? ur sis looks preeeeeeettttttyeeeeeeee!!!!! u "Mr.J" :)

vasan said...

When is this thiruvizha? How many days will this function be?