Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear all,

How have you been? I know its been long since I wrote anything in this space, but it was not due to lack of time or lack of stuff to write, but only due to some unknown block that wouldn't let me put down what I want to...I just wonder how ppl manage to write and entire books. Hope I can get myself to write something worthy.

So, what has been happening in my life after the 22 of May? Accidents, major-major shocks, some backbiting by 'friends', small trips, some serious re-working of office stuff , some moral dilemmas, old friends, missed out weddings, a reconciliation , and a farewell, etc,.

If I go on to explain each of the above events in detail, I think it would become too much of a lengthy post and hence I would stop with describing one or two as we go.

The Accident- happened on as sunday durin de drive towards Q's. I am stil not able to determine Justify Fullif the mistake was mine, or on the brakes or on the guy b4 me. I bumped into him only to get another guy rammed into my boot. There were kids in my car for God's sake, I must be more careful from now on. But I wasn't nervous one bit, and it surprised me. Anyways, it cost me 4971 bucks exactly and a whole week without car.

Major shock involves deception from people you would never expect. Love, trust, everything's gone ina second. I still hope to find out that it was all a mistake. plz.

Back Biters.. Silly guys.. Guys, plz grow up.

Went on to Pondicherry for a day. Its the first time I've actually been there. the previous time I was in the 'state' was for like...what..... half an hour?..... So that really doesnt count, does it? The beach was nice, the coffee shops were nice, the roads were nice... On the whole, It was fantastic.

I missed a coupla weddings. Both nice ppl though not close to me. I am sorry guys, wish you a very very very happy married life!!!

hkmm... Kamila is gettin married. this time its real. She has quit her job. She left on Sunday. We(Mama, Aswin,Dhou, Myself) gave her a farewell. It went on pretty decently. We went to college. It was wonderful. The things mama does for her... they r so sweet. The guy acts tough.. but he has no idea.

We missed Maha n Mahe badly. How I wish they had been with us that day. K said she was sorry and gave us parting gifts. They were ok. Actually nice. I am tryin my best to forget all the sourness, but Its upto d to say. Lets see.

One more nice thing... Look at the picture below.. Did I tell you guys that I got an article about me in Hindu? Notice closely and you can see it pasted on the notice board!!

Ya, It was the same notice board which said "Arul.Oli suspended for 3 weeks and fined Rs.3500"(<--- will put in the exact words soon as I have the notice copy wid me.) And Its akka's B'day this sunday. Just thought you should know. Wanna upload lot more pictures, but Google blog allows me only certain space and I am already almost ful... k, cya! Until next time..


Priya said...

I'm glad you're ok Li. = ) Send my regards to your sis.

See you around and let's hope we're both not too busy to catch up. Take care. = )

Arulz said...

is it the same notice board that had the charge 05 poster? :)

saritha said...

read it and will read again..

Typed with the Middle Finger said...

thanks a lot for ur comment.
ur points r right

kalpagam said...

heheh way to go......the notice board eh??? :P actually nice :)