Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi guys...

Hi... once again.

Its been two weeks since I last kept you posted. I seem to have developed some invisible bonding with some people I have never met. I was confidant they were unaware of me and thought only I saw them and noticed them and missed them and they never knew my existence. I was wrong.

Kamila. She got married on friendship day of this year. Will miss her. I always did. She was one adamant girl. Only me and mama could make it to the wedding. We took our first ever long road trip together. It is a memory I hope I never lose.

We had conversations. We had silence. We had cigarettes. Kamila.

The group has been reducing steadily since the end of college and now its definitely not gonna get back to its full strength. Sad. But I am happy about the last trip we took to college.

August 5.Dhoulath's birthday. A day I have managed to forget or miss somehow for the past 6 years I've known her. This time I wished her from bed. Love you Dhou. We spent time together and as usual I sent her home with tears(not of joy).

Dat is the strangest thing between me and kosu. We have to fight every day. I am the damned guy who always pounces.

I filed my IT returns for the financial year 2008-2009. My company has crossed 10 Lakh turn over. Dats something. But still its bleeding. and now its bleeding worse than ever.

Zuzu. KN.

Life is a test.

Iniya is one blog I have started enjoying a bit too much. I am jealous of her. How can you write so well when I can't? damnit.

Monica. What do I say? Donn get to spend time wid her lately. Is it meant to be dis way? Something has changed.

Have gotten into this habit of watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S at midnight everyday. Too bad.

Priya! I miss her nowadays. She's a teacher and is too busy to write much. I miss the michievous girl whose blog I stumbled upon and couldnt stop myself from roling on the loor laughing. She didnt write jokes. She just wrote plain stuff. Open. On the face. so funny. Hope she gets to write a little more.

Had wine last night. Had quite a bit. (little more than half a bottle). God!, I am happy I hate it.

Business. Life. Love. Equally sinking. I am seriously thinking of getting myself hired. Would it work? Damn it would. I am a listener. And listeners are gud workers.. Just as listeners are gud bosses.

Sharanya and Nisha are getting married on the same day. I suddenly donn remember is Swatha was engaged or wedded. :-\

Math got married. The guy was hansome. To most of our envy. Wishes guys. Have I written about it already? ya.. probably... Dinesh has a job, building a house. Zuzu works for intel, buying own house. Riaz is publishing his book. Aarthi is a professional.Doctor. Keyyan has got a job . Works in Australia. Has gotten married. Bought his own house. Harishankar joining MBA. Flying to US. Mahendran, Mahadeer earning to their families' expectations. Ashwin. What have I to show?

Oli, Work harder.

Dreams are gud buddy. But wake up. There is no God who would grant you a boon and make you rich. What is common between all the people above? They all work. Hard.

Thaatha and Aatha are here for medical attention. Hope they get okay. Hope something clicks. Hope I get a break.




Arulz said...

buying my own house? that day is too far off oli... i am a much more confused guy than you think...

Li. said...


Zu.. ur in the US!! everybody buys a house in the US! U will be eventually... wont u? and I bet its gonna be ssoon! :-)

sugirtha said...

Thanks Li :)I only read today.

Monica said...

hmmmmmmm......the first time i guess.......how did i miss it all along......an is tis wat they say about a good tagin along wit every bad??????? :)

hari said...

Nice blog sorry nice feelings oli...
Reading after a long time!!!!!!