Friday, December 10, 2010

Secret Paths...

Sorry for neglecting you all. I know it's been long. I do not have an always.

Went through Zuzu's latest post about our FM days, and songs associated with each song distinctly brings up a particular memory associated with that song.

I and Zuzu share a very very special bond. A bond better than brotherhood, deeper than friendship. A bond which merges the both into one. I remember the days we used to listen to 'Morpheus'. And a quacky Indianized english speaking character who used to feature in the show now n then. I remember the episode when morpheus ran an hour from his tour in South America or somewhere. :-)

And ofcourse the golden shows from AIR "Vannak Kalanjiyam". The man who hosted the show had a very peculiar tamil name, which fails me now... but his voice and the parts of the show r so fresh in memory.

Thinking about this takes me further into the secret paths in my memory. Letting me rediscover the treasure hunt moments from our elementary and middle school childhoods. I remember us peeing on the 'Manathakkali' plant at our back yard every day just for the pure evil pleasure it gave us, knowing we were doing something we could get punished for.. and us drinking directly from the garden tap, cos the water tasted so much better than it did after it was boiled and filtered..

I remember the shacks we would create in the garden, under the trees, above the trees, behind the bushes, which were hideouts of our villains or vengeful vigilantes... remember the rainy afternoons where four of us would get under a blanket and our sisters(esp. malar) would tell us horrid tales of ghosts and secret caves connecting the schools and churches, where kids who disobeyed their sisters would be taken and chained...

Further, the memory travels down to the Grip ball, GI-Joe toys, He-Man strategies that were planned and the mountains and lakes, seas, villages, valleys, rivers that were created from ordinary bedsheets, bowls, pipes, towels, show horns, bottles, hair clips and stuff... Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles(Raphael and Donatello) , Swat Cats (T-Bone and Razor), Centurions (Max Ray and Jake Rockwell), and surprisingly how used to fight to play haji's character instead of johnny's in Johnny quest.

Captain Marvel, in which I was the big red guy and Amudhan was the Blue guy. And how in our universe He-Man had a twin brother.. :-)

And how our sister's would throw us out of the room and lock the door because their barbies have to dress change... :-)

These memory paths seem to be going endlessly, like a maze... and not just any maze, but dangerously a maze in which I would happily and willingly get lost.. It just has one problem... It seems I have to get out at some point always... if only I can fix that and find a way to stay in... if only...

P.S. Zuzu, this is my comment for your post... I was sure blogger is not going to allow such a big comment, even before I tried... that's y made it a post here... Write something in ur space.. I missed out about our Guns and Arrows... :-)


Raz said...

good one li. i dont ve ne memories of my childhood to recollect.

honeyboy said...

:) havingread urs, I am trying to recollect my childhood days.

sugirtha said...

Hey very nicely written Oli!