Tuesday, February 05, 2008

am comin darling...

it can't be..
it can't be...
can't u all see?

he was right here..
he was smiling..

he just asked y...
he just waved bye..

they say he's no more..
but he's gonna walk right in
right through the door..

crazy ppl, he's only slept..
how dare u even say he's dead?

let them see wat i know dear
just open ur eyes and
show them ur still here..

donn u realise chotu will cry
n its already late for the surprise
u promised me tonight..

get up darling, u never sleep so much
get up darling, more than ever
now i need ur touch...

they say he was crossing the road..
so..? he always walked the corner
to get me a rose..

they say the driver was drunk..
so...? my darling was always careful,
he had so much in heart for our son...

he hasnt left us alone..
no no no...
he is just lyin down tired...

I'll make him a coffee..
ya, can't u hear...? he's calling..
am coming dear..
am coming...

p.s: was going through a blog.. the blogger described the shock of hearing the sudden death of a friend she met only 3 days before.. instilled dis work.. my prayers for the soul..


Raz said...

:) en li enna feel panna vaikure? >:D< excellent da. i had tears in my eyes :D
nee poitina nan ippadi than azuven :D

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deepti said...

sad blog... Missing someone is only a matter of time concept... people tend to move ahead if they are not then it is indeed a pathetic situation for the person...

Li. said...

true that we all move on.. but the moment the shock hits u.. dats wat i tried to capture..

arts said...

hmmmmm......:) n :(