Sunday, May 25, 2008


Just when I thought the world was safe,
I Found Love.
Just when I thought that Hell Was a place,
I Felt Love.
Just when I thought Death was but once,
I Lost Love.
Just when the thoughts wouldnt go away,
I sing Love.

-A poem I apparently wrote when I was a teenager...I stumbled upon it when I was backing up files from my old, home PC.... It was damn funny when i read it now... :-) Got me nostalgic though... 'Love'... hahaha.. :-p .. my god!!

P.S. The coloring is intentional.. ;-)

1 comment:

Precious Light said...

Do you really think its just funny?
Funny in the sense it could definitely have made you laugh.. But isn't the same teenager who is still a part of you feel proud of what he had understood in life? Is he not thinking of how he felt at that point..
I know how much ever you grow up you still have the small mark the boy left behind.. how many every women you may have had in your life.. Its still waiting for some one who will make a stronger influence than all the rest..