Friday, January 02, 2009

Diary 2008..

Pictures speak a thousand words.... Some pictures from last year.... a gallery of events that happened in my life last year...

31,Dec 2007, Party at GN club.
Ara&Mrs.Ara ,Myself,KN,Sara,Mahadeer,
Harishankar-Had a nice time dancin..

Hajira's Wedding.
Man, this yr was a yr of weddings!

B'lore trip No. 1. Had a nice time.

March, B'lore trip 2. :-)

April, Trivandrum-Engagement trip

Munnar travel... extension of
Trivandrum trip!

June , Cochin- Wedding- :-)

Akka's B'day!
Happy B'day ka!


Fareed,Durai and Sandeep-
Training is on at Office!

October-Marina Cafe shoot!

QueensLand day! Wonderful!

Maha! Kuda Hafeez!

Nov 16, Lakshmi's wedding!
Cochin Nostalgia!

The Chisel event - success story!!

Kamila's Bday!

Dec 03, Amirtha's 5th and Aatha's 75th B'day!

Ayish trip.

Many events happened this yr which weren't recorded on cam, but only in my memories...
Shamu, Nawaz,Ch got married, the Nw yrs party of 2009.. etc... are not here.. few others absent because of my lack of patience to upload the pics..

Also, 2008 saw the loss of two of my greatest ICONS- Sujatha and Michael Crichton... and also many ups n down in Business.. I just hope to correct my mistakes and keep my fingers crossed.. cya soon!


rajkingme said...

Halo. Ninga RAz brother thame :) Im raja. ur writings are nice :)

Raz said...

and all my worst pictures... :) eruma madu...

happy new yr!