Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Excuse me...."

"Excuse me...." he said. She turned looking puzzled for a second and turned back. She hadn't heard him. "EXCUSE me..." He was a little louder this time. She was already looking at him. Her eyes were doing something to him. There was something about her.

He tried to sound polite, " I am not from these parts.. I..I.. Wanna go to Ezzeres, Can you please help me?". She gave a stare. Her eyes trying to dig out something from his eyes. "Do we wait her for the bus? The sign says there is one at 6:30...." He didnt sound as harmless as he wanted to. And somehow the 'we' troubled her. She slightly nodded.If you can call that a nod. Only those who are looking for it would even notice. She looked up at the sky. The clouds were forming. She looked down, staring at the ground again.

They waited.

His dress didnt seem to go with his destination. He was built heavily. His hair unmanaged and tangled. His eyes were baggy and red, probably from alchohol.They roamed on her, examining her, from top to bottom, suddenly jumping to the road now and then as if to check if anyone else was coming by.She was looking down at the ground. Never raising her head.

No vehicle seemed to pass by.No one was around. The public bus which was supposed to have arrived half an hour ago (according to the sign) was yetto be seen. The winds were forming small swirls... rasing dust and garbage.

A square piece of paper carried of by the roughing winds hit on him. He picked it. It was a very old PIWG. One of the notices that the government distributes from time to time, to warn the people about criminals, epidemics, or 'other dangers’.

It started to drizzle and darkness blanketted in seconds. Winds made her long skirt fly and flutter, while the droplets were making her shirt cling to her chest. She could sense his every look. Her heart was beating faster every second.

He became weary. It was clear he didn’t want her to catch a look at the paper he was holding. She might guess. He quickly and carefully folded it and put it into his pocket.

He slowly moved. The bag he was carrying seemed to have something long and heavy. He tried and moved it under the shelter of the bus stop and put it on the floor with a 'cling'. Then slowly moved behind her, out of her view.

Her heart beat was at the fastest.She couldn't bear it anymore. She heard his breath behind her, and a twig break, and Boooomm...BOOMMM.... the tiny sound was engulfed by a thunder. Her eyes twitched.

She was motionless. He was lying next to her. Shivering and blood spurting out. She moved slowly, her lust and thirst both satisfied. She was in no hurry. She wiped the blood off her mouth. Letting the rain wash down her bloody hands. Smiled at the lightning. She walked into the darkness.


Raz said...

goood li. bt ennaku end puriyala... shes dead right!

honeyboy said...

oli... vivid writing...

the guyz dead right?

the end sounds like u rushed into it...