Tuesday, August 11, 2009


and.. ya.. I fogot ta tell you.. someone just randomly gave me the 51st rank among Indian bloggers and sent me a mail with a java script to display the banner to support it.. Whatthe hell? 51st rank? my blog? Anyways.. u can see it on the bottom right corner... ;-)


Priya said...

That's something. At least you know your blog is recognized.

I didn't know i was funny. It's not the way people usually describe me. But i'm glad you enjoyed reading mischievouscherie and i'll try to blog asap. I need good material to blog and nothing is coming up.

Anyways, i miss you too. = ) (You already know that, don't you?)

Precious Light said...

51st.. wat the hell.. urs r the best ever bloggs I have read.. tell me who it is.. ill ask them to give u number 1.. according to me u r already number 1..