Monday, October 11, 2010

வணக்கம் மக்களே !!

Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!
Long time. Elated to know that friends miss me here. :-) Like I said, I like it when my friends miss me. If I had to give a reason for not being here for so long, I donn have one. I donno y.

Can't say nothing was happening.... UK projects, Weddings, My brother's India trip, Body massages, Bangalore-Mysore Trip with ma bro, Adventure biking(which includes diving over, landing face down, with the bike on top of me), Injury(which hasn't healed for over a month now), Speed boating, ENDHIRAN (4 times), Trekking, New friends, Swimming, Maha's visit, now Mahe's visit, phew... so much has been happening... Probably I should blame it on less time or rather, the world famous 'no time' excuse.

anways, being back, makes me feel gud! :-)

P.S. Want to write about each of the above mentioned events.... :-) Hope I do.


sugirtha said...

Welcome back Oli :)

gosh, so many events! Looks like you had a real good time. Sad to know that you got injured... get well soon!

Write more on your experiences... :)

நாகை சிவா said...

Got married? sollavey illa......